LiFePO4 Battery

Cylindrical Vs Prismatic Cells

At present, there are three primary kinds of lithium battery bundling, specifically tube-shaped, square, and delicate bundle. Distinctive bundling structures mean various attributes, and each has its own focal points and drawbacks.


Cylindrical Lithium Battery 18650 offers the best service and it costs much less which people can easily buy.  It can be used as a reliable battery.  This battery has a reliable record.  Which is trustworthy and very trustworthy to the people.  It can also be used on people's smartphones or tablets.

According to a source, it would have risen to 18,650 in 2011 if there were no new demands on the military, medical, and drains, including electric vehicles.  Consumer goods for electric power trains and a flat design switch in a larger format will eventually replace the 18650 with a new entry 21700.


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