LiFePO4 Battery

long does a lithium iron phosphate battery last

Lithium iron phosphate battery offers a more extended cycle life than other lithium-particle batteries.


The vast majority of the Lithium iron phosphate battery gives 2000 cycles @ 80% DOD at test lab temperature 77°F.


In any case, too low temperature or too high temperature may harm the battery pack, and cause the limit of battery dropdown.


For example: if your 12V 100Ah lithium iron phosphate battery working in low temperature often, like - 4°F, it may drop down to 12V 90Ah, or 12V 80Ah, and the cycle life would drop down as well.


So, if you fare thee well if your lithium iron phosphate battery, it could be working for quite a while.


SOK Battery currently gives the most recent 12V 100Ah Battery Pack, tested 3560 cycles @ 83% DOD at 77°F.


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