Lithium iron phosphate battery offers a more extended cycle life than other lithium-particle batteries.


The vast majority of the Lithium iron phosphate battery gives 2000 cycles @ 80% DOD at test lab temperature 77°F.


In any case, too low temperature or too high temperature may harm the battery pack, and cause the limit of battery dropdown.


For example: if your 12V 100Ah lithium iron phosphate battery working in low temperature often, like - 4°F, it may drop down to 12V 90Ah, or 12V 80Ah, and the cycle life would drop down as well.


So, if you fare thee well if your lithium iron phosphate battery, it could be working for quite a while.


SOK Battery currently gives the most recent 12V 100Ah Battery Pack, tested 3560 cycles @ 83% DOD at 77°F.


You could utilize this battery for more than 20 years.


This is a standout amongst other lifepo4 Lithium iron phosphate batteries as so has practically the entirety of your need on your applications.


Worked in very long life expectancy lifepo4 battery cells,4 pcs 3.2V 100Ah in series,5000 cycles 100% DOD, still keep 80% capacity, double life range than other brands lifepo4 battery.


More brilliant battery the executive's framework with low temperature cut off function, even in freezing locations, you don't need to move the battery to your room.


Replaceable design, even if the parts failed, you could transform it yourself, no need to purchase another battery.


Low Temperature Charging Cut-off. High Temperature Charging or Discharging Cut-off.


Over Charging or Discharging Protection.Over Current and Short Circuit Protection.Battery Cells Auto Balance.


4000~8000 Cycles Life Span, Free Maintenance.Maximum 100 A Continuous Current Discharge.


Notice for an associate in the arrangement:


On the off chance that you need interface batteries in series, they ought to be at a similar condition of-charge (SOC)before they are associated.


Completely charge each battery, using a 12V charger before connecting, so as to guarantee that they are at the equivalent SOC.

Electrical Performance

Mechanical Performance

Nominal Voltage

12.8 V


10.23*7.78*8.07 Inchs

Nominal Capacity



28.2 lbs

Capacity @ 20A

300 Min

Terminal Type



1280 Wh

Case Materials

Metal Box


≤20mΩ @ 50% SOC



Self Discharge

<3% / Month








Discharge Performance

Charge Performace

Max Continuous Discharge Current

100 A

Recommended Charge Current

20 A

Peak Discharge Current

200 A(3 Seconds)

Max Charge Current

100 A

BMS Discharge Cut-off Current


Recommended Charge Voltage

14.6 V

Recommended Low Voltage Disconnect

11 V

BMS Charge Cut-off Voltage

<15.6 V

BMS Discharge Cut-off Voltage

>8.0 V

Reconnect Voltage

>14.6 V

Reconnect Voltage

>9.2 V

Balancing Voltage

<14.4 v

Short Circuit Protection

200 ~ 500 μs

Max Batteries in Series



Temperature Performance

Discharge Temperature

-22°F ~ 140°F

Charge Temperature

32°F ~ 140°F

Storage Temperature

-22°F ~ 140°F

BMS High-Temperature Cut-off


BMS Low-Temperature Cut-off