LiFePO4 Battery

How to set up 4S Lifepo4 battery pack with battery management system?

The model SK4S100 is designed for most 4S lifepo4 battery pack,no matter the battery cell is 3.2v 20ah or 3.2v 1000ah,it works.

Designed Max charge current is 150A, Max discharge current is 150A,charge voltage is:14.6V~14.8V.

Different battery cells have different charge/discharge current.

For example,the 3.2v 20Ah,you should make sure the charge current not over 20A,and discharge current not over 20A.

Check the spec sheet of your battery cells,make sure charge/discharge current is correct.

Here are the steps to make a 12V 100ah Battery pack demo,if you want to build 12v 200Ah or 12v 400Ah,the same way.

Step 1:get the battery cells ready like the photos:

Use the cooper bus bar,connect the positive and negative, positive and negative, positive and negative.

Also,I marked the screws on the battery cells these need to connect with

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LiFePO4 Battery

32650 LiFePO4 Battery

Thoughts regarding 32650 LifePO4 batteries:

32650 LifePO4 Battery Standard V Rechargeable 6000 mAh LifePo4 Battery Cell Powerful battery cell with an immense 6000 mAh limit total single cell.

LifePO4 Battery includes high rate release, high temperature, long cycle life, and security highlights. High force applications, for example, EV and vitality stockpiling are such a top decision.

The LifePO4 Battery is anything but difficult to set up and helpful where 3.2 volts with high temperatures are required.

These cells may work in high-temperature conditions which may not be ideal for Li-particle or Li-Po deals. The cell is accessible in 32650/32700 organization for an electric vehicle with an actual existence pattern of in excess of 3000 cycles with great execution, reasonable for your battery

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Solar System

Build A 3 Kw Solar System For Your Rv

We have already made a big decision to upgrade your RV with solar power.  You may already know about solar energy and like it.  How much of your solar energy is needed, how many panels are needed, and in what size work can be done, and in this case how many days can be done?

If you are looking for voltage watt amperes etc. then we can help you according to your need.

If you want to know something about solar energy then check out our registration

First, you need to know what you need or what you don't have, then it is important to set up solar energy.

You can use

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Cylindrical Vs Prismatic Cells
LiFePO4 Battery

Cylindrical Vs Prismatic Cells

At present, there are three primary kinds of lithium battery bundling, specifically tube-shaped, square, and delicate bundle. Distinctive bundling structures mean various attributes, and each has its own focal points and drawbacks.


Cylindrical Lithium Battery 18650 offers the best service and it costs much less which people can easily buy.  It can be used as a reliable battery.  This battery has a reliable record.  Which is trustworthy and very trustworthy to the people.  It can also be used on people's smartphones or tablets.

According to a source, it would have risen to 18,650 in 2011 if there were no new demands on the military, medical, and drains, including electric vehicles.  Consumer goods for electric power trains and a flat design switch in a larger format will eventually replace the 18650 with a new entry 21700.


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LiFePO4 Battery



Series Connection: It is possible to connect series and parallel configuration batteries.  Because it is very easy to do.  All you have to do is connect the series as two batteries.  All that is needed to do this is a bridge between one parallel bank to the other terminal bank to the negative terminal to the positive terminal.

It is possible to get the desired voltage by adding different cells in the battery series.  It helps to get its desired voltage after adding each cell.  All parallel connections add up to a total of ampere-hours to achieve higher power.

If you ever need an odd voltage such as- 9.50 voltage.  If you want, you can make it very easy.  All you need to do is add five lead acids, 8 NiMH or NiCd or three Li-ions to the series.  The voltage of the last battery does not need to be higher than they are

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