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4S 100Ah Battery Management System

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Best Quality Battery Management System for Your LiFePO4 Batteries Kits.

For 4pcs LiFePO4 Battery Cells Connect in Series.

Maximum Discharge Current 130A,Maximum Charge Current 70A.

High Temperature Charging or Discharging Cut-off.

Low Temperature Charging Cut-off.

10 Years Warranty.


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Battery Management System (BMS) is one electronic system that manages the LiFePO4 Batteries.(In fact, the other rechargeable battery  also need a BMS,NOT only LiFePO4 Battery ),ensure the batteries have a longer life span.

SOK Battery provide one of the best quality battery management system to working with our LiFePO4 Battery Cells.

A): High temperature cut-off. Low temperature cut-off.(This is very important, low temperature could destroy your battery if no BMS)

B): Over Charge Cut-off,  Over discharge Cut-off.

C): Over current Protection.

D): Short circuit Protection

E): Balance batteries cell


How to Build the 12V Battery Pack with this BMS? Click here !

Charge Voltage DC:14.6V CC/CV
Max Continuous Charge Current 70 A
Max Continuous Discharge Current 130 A
Over Charge Portection Voltgae 3.75V±0.025V
Over Discharge Portection Voltgae 2.20V±0.0625V
Internal resistance ≤30mΩ
Low Temperature Charge Cut-off 0~-7℃
High Temperature Charge Cut-off 55℃
High Temperature Discharge Cut-off 75℃
Size 175*160*15mm
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